Web Reclaimed?


Boone Gorges and D’Arcy Norman. (Then again, there is co-claiming.)

Domain of One’s Own, Reclaim Hosting

Connected Courses, (we did one on Art + Reconciliation at TRU)

The OERu has supported the development (shout-out Pat Lockley!) of a responsive WordPress theme, using a script which harvests a bullet list of wiki pages for the rendering in WP. Theme is highly customisable, extensive colour and structure options, far more than typical with WP themes. Also allows for creation of quizzes and other interactions using WordPress shortcodes.

“Running the live DS4OER course using the technology we are trying to teach our learners to use.” (Wayne Mackintosh)

Screenshot 2015-04-13 07.14.21

The Indie Web, (Audrey Watters)

A radical re-ordering of education and of education technology. Not new flashcards or adaptive assessments or digital textbooks or annotated YouTube videos or celebrity MOOCs or VC-funded bullshittery. Something else. Something indie. Something that re-centers the learner. Something that de-centers the textbook and testing and ed-tech industries. Something that says our data as learners isn’t a “red hot market” to be extracted and mined by others but is something we want to be able to control, pull up, look at, and – yes maybe – share with others.