How About Some Results?

TRU Writer for English Courses Image Collector for TRU Biology 2290 TRU Writer as Platform for Online Journals John Johnston: Make Your Own SPLOT   Sound Effect Audio Stories IDeas: Instructional Designers Site SHIFT: an open online learning resource (inspired by work at JIBC)  What could we do, if: we focus on making the open […]

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The You Show

Professional Development Series Based on DS106 Front Stage / Back Stage You are the star of your own show, you are also the producer and narrator of your own show. The production skills you will learn in this seminar will help you produce more compelling ways of sharing your show using visual, audio, and and […]

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Smallest/Simplest ? Possible/Portable ? Open/Online ? Learning/Living ? Tool/Technology ? Designed with two core principles in mind: make it as easy as possible to post activity to the open web in an appealing and accessible way allow users to do so without creating accounts, or providing any required personal information Narrowly-scoped tools that lend themselves […]

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The TRU Work

Alan Levine, with a four month Visiting Scholar Fellowship with TRU Open Learning Our meeting environment… Early on we identified two core challenges in getting people to get onto the open web. The perceived difficulty (and lack of support) of open web environments, and privacy concerns. Over beers, Alan remembered some interesting work Tom Woodward […]

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Challenges of Open Web Education

Where are the Generalists and Builders? For a set of reasons (complexity, history, economy), that room to experiment has been squeezed out Open Web Tech: Afterthought, Difficult, Unreliable On the False Binary of LMS vs Open (D’Arcy Norman)     D’Arcy Norman says the LMS/VLE and “open” is a false dichotomy, but in practice the […]

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Web Reclaimed?

  Boone Gorges and D’Arcy Norman. (Then again, there is co-claiming.) Domain of One’s Own, Reclaim Hosting Connected Courses, (we did one on Art + Reconciliation at TRU) The OERu has supported the development (shout-out Pat Lockley!) of a responsive WordPress theme, using a script which harvests a bullet list of wiki pages for the […]

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Open Web Lost?

FIPPA • privacy • corporate co-option • net neutrality • DRM • risk • patent system • security •  trolls • openwashing • CISPA • spying • fraud • tracking • hacking • apathy • CALEA • data snooping • LMS/VLE-ification • mass surveillance • Facebook • phishing • spamming • NSA • Gamergate • […]

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